College Student-Athlete Seminar

College Student-Athlete Seminars on andgo sports for NCAA Clearinghouse
The College Student-Athlete Seminar is an interactive event for both male and female student-athletes who are interested in pursuing a sport at the collegiate level. Our primary goal is to help parents and student-athletes better understand the athletic recruiting process, how the NCAA works, and help your athlete be on track to secure a potential college scholarship as early as possible. With competition for scholarships is at an all-time high, it is necessary to use every advantage available to be ahead of the pack. This seminar will be the first step in improving exposure, connecting to college coaches, and getting on the right track to securing your spot on a college roster.
We will come to your high school or club team and conduct a college recruiting seminars for your student-athletes, parents, and school.

What You Learn

Guidance Directly from College Coaches

Things You Will Learn:

  • The realities of college athletic recruiting
  • Top five steps every student-athlete should take to pursue sports in college
  • Why academics will play such a huge role in your college opportunities
  • Key recruiting mistakes everyone makes
  • College coaches pet peeves about student-athletes
  • Four recruiting facts you cannot ignore
  • Five things you can do to help you get recruited
  • Discover ways to know if you're behind in the recruiting process
  • How your attitude can change your results
  • And much, much more
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