Marshall University National Letter of Intent for University Placement on andgo sports

On Wednesday, February 4th an exciting day arrived for many future College athletes. This day was National signing day of high school student-athletes  National Letter of Intent. This is a big day for many student athletes because the national letter of intent is ” a binding agreement between an NCAA school and student-athlete in which the student-athlete agree to attend the school for one year and the school agrees to provide financial aid  to the student-athlete. This accomplishment comes to be a milestone for all parents, athletes and universities alike as all the handwork that has been out forth becomes awarded. andGO Sports would like to recognize our very own client and athlete John Pappas of Oceanside High School  who signed his National Letter of Intent to Marshall University. Pappas;’ father Perry Pappas says of his son’s excitement and families proudness of this day ” On a scale of 1-10 Johns excitement is a 10. As a family the perfect word is relieved, the pressure of the recruitment process is over but as Scott Knight said we are 50% there,the real work starts freshman year on the field and in the classroom. Pride, professionalism and dedication is how I would describe working with the andGO Sports staff. We would like to that the Pappas family as it was our pleasure seeking the possible places for John to excel at. The national letter of intent day is a tremendous achieviement and it is always great for andGO Sports to have a presence during this special time for so many athletes. Congratulations to all andGO Sports recruits and student-athletes across the county who shared this day.

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