AGS College Bus Tour, New York 2016

andGO Sports would like to create an opportunity for male high school student-athletes, both juniors and sophomores, who are aspiring to play soccer in college. A three day college bus tour will allow student-athletes to explore several of the top colleges and universities throughout New York State, while demonstrating their talents and abilities directly in front of collegiate coaches of different levels, including NCAA Division I and III programs. During each campus visit the student-athlete will participate in a campus tour, take part in a group debriefing after visiting each school, participate in seminars explaining what it means to be a collegiate student-athlete and the recruiting process, and train directly in front of the collegiate coaching staff.

Our college bus tour will provide student-athletes with the guidelines and knowledge required throughout the decision making process, while creating an utmost enjoyable and enriching college search experience. This experience will include all the above plus meals, living accommodations, and transportation, making it a convenient three day college bus tour.

Campus tours at each school will provide student-athletes the opportunity to learn if an institution is the right fit for them by exploring schools of different sizes and settings. Our goal is to have the student-athletes realize their potential by guiding them through the most important part of their journey – choosing the right college or university to match their academic, athletic, and personal ambitions.

In addition to the actual college visits, our student-athletes will participate in practice sessions and/or scrimmages, providing them with direct visibility in front of each schools college coaches, as well as, college coaches at surrounding schools.

After visiting your school, we will host an individual and group daily debriefing in the hotel conference room, where our highly experienced tour leaders will provide assistance to the student-athletes, serving as an opportunity to reflect on their experiences at the school. In addition, during evening seminars our participants will engage with our tour leaders in discussions about various aspects of the decision making process and what being a collegiate student-athlete entails.

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