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Our andGO Sports "Becoming a College Student-Athlete" Workshop is an exclusive 4-week educational program designed to give high school students-athletes the knowledge and guidance for pursuing their goal of becoming a college student-athlete candidate.

Each year, deserving high school student-athletes are left out of the recruiting process because themselves and their parents follow old ideas of how the recruiting process works. Depending on well-intended, but often flawed advice from friends, relatives or even uninformed high school or club coaches, prospects and parents often assume that playing on travel or club team, or receiving titles, such as All-Conference or All-State, will automatically get a player noticed by college coaches. This is not true. In fact, far from it. Recruiting today is specialized. It is not something anybody who watches ESPN, went to college twenty years ago or coaches a team, can intimately know and keep up with. It moves too fast, changes too often, and requires too much attention.

Education is critical to an efficient navigation of the college recruiting process. The "Becoming a College Student-Athlete" Workshop will focus on delivering “essential” tools and information that will help participants develop confidence in becoming best prepared for making an important life decision.

Perhaps the most common mistake aspiring college student-athletes make regarding recruiting is waiting too long to learn how the process works and then not taking action on this knowledge. For example, kids regularly wait until they are seniors in high school before seriously thinking about college recruiting or doing something about it. This is a huge mistake. If a good student-athlete expects to have a chance to play at the college level, he or she needs to prepare, academically and personally, for this opportunity.

FREE: Because college recruiting and recruiting methods have changed drastically in recent years, old fashion ideas and methods no longer apply. We understand the modern recruiting process and we are more than happy to share this knowledge.

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Class size is limited. Details regarding dates, pre-work and location will be included in a welcome packet applicants will receive upon acceptance into the Workshop.

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