andGO Sports connects with Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League for College Combine
Just prior to Thanksgiving break, on November 22, 2014, andGO Sports set the stage for their first NYC Player ID College Combine. The event was a success as andGO Sports connected with the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League to give inner-city kids the ability to showcase their talents in front of local top college and university coaches.
The event was hosted at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, NY and featured 6 college coaches that worked directly with the participants. President of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League, Dimitri Draguca, said “For CJSL, the NYC Player ID clinic was the perfect platform for our players to experience firsthand working with college level coaches. In addition, they got a chance to show their skills to over a dozen college representatives who were present that day.” Also to note, an additional 20 college coaches attended the event to recruit for each of their respected programs cooperated with Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League. Domenico Parrelli, Assistant Coach of Adelphi University Men’s Soccer, said “The showcase held by andGO Sports was successfully run. The staff were fully prepared and organized, while the players were cooperative and put on a great display. Adelphi University is currently at the heart of our recruiting process, and with the combine, we were able to find good local talent only a few miles away from campus.” andGo Sports would like to thank Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL), and all of the college coaches for making this event a successful experience for this year’s participants. We are greatly looking forward to the next NYC Player ID College Combine.
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