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  • David Bucheimer Salisbury University Testimonials
  • Parents of Domenic Mauro Queens College Testimonials
  • Micheal & Louella F&M University Testimonials
  • Danny Carlos Testimonials of LIU Post College
  • SUNY Albany Testimonials - Anna Orologio
  • Skidmore College William Berg Testimonials
  • John Binks Father of Jack Binks, St. Francis Testimonials
  • University of Scranton Testimonials
  • "Joey's experience at Lynn University, one of the top soccer programs in the country, is a direct result of the support and guidance of the people at andGO Sports. Their depth of knowledge and experience in the college soccer landscape allowed Joey to find a niche in his own backyard, one we certainly would not have explored on our own. No ODP, no academy, but the right recruiting service...that made all the difference."
    Jill Maxson
    Lynn University
  • "Please accept my sincere gratitude for your assistance in placing Phil at Salisbury University. It seems to be a great fit and he is very excited about going there. We would never have found it without your guidance. Lisa, Phil and I have been impressed with your service in terms of the personal attention, the effort put forth and your knowledge and navigation of the collegiate sports landscape."
    David Bucheimer
    Salisbury University
  • “Tony and I want to say thank you both for EVERYTHING you have done for Domenic. You have helped to change this young man’s (my son) life for the next four years as well as for his future. I want you both to know what a significant role you have played to make this happen. Dom is ALL set up. His classes have begun. His dorm is a suite with three other roommates; two of his roommates are on the soccer team as well. Each of the boys has their own room; they share two bathrooms, a small kitchen and a living room. Life is GREAT!
    Tony & RoseAnn
    Queens College
  • "Michael and I are so grateful to you and Scott for ALL your support and professionalism with assisting with the college process for our DUSC team and especially our son. You have guided Olivier as we, parents would and so were so comfortable from the start with leaving Olivier to work with you directly. Oliver is so excited to be admitted to his number one choice college - Franklin and Marshall. The coaches have been amazing and all this happened with your support. We remember being on our way to visit the college in the Spring and despite it being a weekend, there you were on the phone to us ensuring we could meet one of the players since the coaches were traveling on that day. That player, Max Watson influenced Olivier so much and put him at ease right away. At the end of his college visits he declared that F&M was his top choice and then after meeting the coaches he was so sure that F&M was it. For us, parents, there is no better joy than see our child get into their first choice college - especially to play soccer there too. THANK YOU again for all your efforts and support with Olivier's college process.
    Micheal & Louella
  • “andGO Sports, a big thank-you again, without your professional help and never-ending dedication to your players such as myself, my soccer dreams would have remained just that, only dreams. You led me on my way to playing at a top level school athletically, while obtaining a great education. I know that I will never forget you and the experience and guidance you have given me.”
    Danny Carlos
    AGS Student
  • “As the parent's of a soccer goalkeeper, we were at a loss as to what to do regarding the whole recruitment process. It seemed very overwhelming especially when people would offer their advice on the steps that needed to be taken and most of the time the advise was incorrect. Our son Eric was set on playing soccer in a Division 1 School. Connecting with Marco from GO Sports was the best thing that could have happened on so many levels! Marco basically took this task off our plate. He worked with our son and empowered him with the tools he needed during the recruitment process. During this process I saw my son take responsibility for the direction his life was moving towards. Marco became a mentor to our son and Marco was always ready and willing to listen to his concerns. We feel so fortunate to have found Marco and Go Sports, it made the whole recruitment process a wonderful and anxiety free experience! As a footnote, my son is currently in his second year of college and continues to be very happy with his choice of school. But most importantly, his connection with Marco continues to grow and Eric still reaches out to him for advice. We are forever grateful that you came into our lives!.”
    Anna Orologio
    SUNY Albany
  • "Finding the right college choice was one of the toughest deacons I have ever endured. I learned of andGO through a coach I knew as well as through the Nassau County Executive Cup - College Showcase. Though I had good visibility to college coaches through USSF Academy play it did not necessarily mean the right fit of schools were watching me. Marco and Scott showed a great interest in me from day one and that interest continued through my current freshman pre-season. They helped me evaluate exactly what I wanted in a school and narrowed the process down for me. It's probably the goal of all college bound players to star for a Division 1 team in contention for the national championship but even if realistic, that is not necessarily best for the student athlete. With Marco and Scott's support I realized the best match for me is a strong academic, liberal arts school in the northeast with an excellent d3 soccer program where I can hopefully get playing time early in my career and eventually be an impact player. Marco and Scott helped get me in front of the schools that met my needs as they seem to have relationship with most of the coaches at both the D1 and D3 levels. Most importantly, Marco and Scott really care about the student athlete and give very generously of their time. No matter how busy they were, they always created the time to speak to me often for an hour at a time and advise me about the next step in the process. Thanks for everything!"
    William Berg
    Skidmore College
  • “Thanks to 'andGO Sports Australia' for giving me the opportunity to play in the American college system and receive an education at the same time. Were great in guiding me the right direction and couldn't of done it without them. A very professional team who not only got me over to America but continue to work with me on a regular basis as they provide on going support and advice. Scott Knight (New York based) and Sean Burmeister (Australia based) were great in understanding my ambitions and putting everything together to make the transition from Sydney to St Francis College Brooklyn smooth and possible.”
  • “Our older son was very interested in playing soccer in college and we had heard through friends about andGO Sports. From our first meeting to the day my son told his coach at Geneseo he had made his decision, we were guided through the process by Marco and Scott. Our son did everything that andGO recommended and the effort paid off with considerable interest/offers from a half dozen schools. What impressed us most was not only the access that Marco and Scott had to the coaches but how focused they were on making a good academic fit for our son. We were so pleased with the process and the outcome with our older son that we also worked with andGO to place our younger son in a collegiate program at University of Scranton. andGo helped us find great matches both academically and athletically for our sons. andGo's fees were reasonable and a very good value. Marco and Scott gave us sound advice all along the way, making what could have have been a confusing difficult time, much easier.”
    Jim & Gina McGovern
    University of Scranton

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